My Blog Story – Building a New Habit

If orange is the new black, building a new habit is the new resolution.  I tried blogging once before for my first MOOC but it didn’t take hold.  I even got behind and didn’t finish the course.  So this year, with the support of Edublogs, I will get in the habit of writing every week.

In my dreams I will write things as interesting as A.J. Juliani or George Couros but maybe, I will make someone laugh, have the courage to try something new and most importantly I will reflect on my own learning in order to continue to improve what I do for kids.

So, look for me to keep this up.  I will give myself a week off every once in a while and maybe, just maybe I will get so inspired that I will have a week with two entries.

3 thoughts on “My Blog Story – Building a New Habit

  1. It’s tough to keep up. I tried to have a personal blog just as a hobby about miscellaneous topics. Didn’t pan out. Hope to keep reading more. :o)

  2. Hi Nancy

    Welcome to the Edublogs Club!

    Ensuring you finish a goal can be hard but it feels really good when you achieve it. A weekly goal is manageable, especially if you give yourself permission to have a break occasionally, and looking back at end of the year it will feel great to say I did it.


  3. Hi Nancy,
    By reading blogs written by other supers, you might also get an idea of a post you could write. Remember to acknowledge where you got the idea for your post by including a link back to the other blog. The owner of that blog might then come and leave a comment on your post.

    But joining the #Edublogs Club means you will have a topic to write about weekly and should get you into the habit of writing regularly.

    Make sure you visit the blogs of the other participants and leave comments on their posts – start making those connections.

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