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I am one of those people who can work anywhere.  Give me a laptop and headphones and anywhere becomes an office.  However, there are some things that help me work that I am fortunate to have in my current office.  First, I love kids and nothing makes me happier than seeing kids learning and growing.  Although I took the photo on a cold day with indoor recess, from my windows I can see the students at Kenneth Murphy School, #KMdolphins, in PE class and playing at recess.  I can hear their singing and chanting as they go out to the ball fields and shrieking with delight as they play tag.  Sometimes my job is filled with adult politics and paperwork and on those days where I don’t get to visit classrooms and schools, it is one of the things that keeps me focused on what is most important – the kids.  I also love my wall with whiteboard paint.  When I moved into the office, I didn’t have many demands.  I would have preferred some different furniture to make a better collaborative space in my office, but the most critical part was my whiteboard wall.  It may be hard to read from the picture below, but I write things for inspiration and to remind me what is important.  It is also great for catching the ideas when thinking out loud with my team or keeping a very visible to do list.  Lastly, I have a goofy bird clock.  Every hour it sings a different bird call.  It was a gift from my mother who historically gave strange presents.  She has been gone five years now and the bird calls are a sweet reminder of her.

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6 thoughts on “My Office – A glimpse inside my head

  1. I love your whiteboard wall and didn’t even know whiteboard paint existed! Allows your environment to change all the time!

    Am I seeing correctly that you are a superintendent? If so, it does my heart good to see a super who wants to be close to the children who are the reason for all we do and the reason we try to continue learning!

  2. Hi there !
    As I begun to read your post, I spot something we have in common: I can also take my office everywhere, I work pretty much paperless so having everything digitalized allows me to move my office to wherever needed. Here a reference to my office:

    Many of my colleagues prefer to have a traditional office, an extension number and somewhere to stay long office hours. I prefer to move to the most suitable location considering the meeting or work I have to do…

  3. I find it incredibly fantastic that someone in your position would take the time to blog. You must be great at what you do because you’re willing to reflect and also be open.

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