Top 10 Ways to Find Work/Life Balance

10.  Keep one to-do list and keep it accessible.  Just search to-do list at your app store and find one that works for you.

9.  Keep a gratefulness journal when you get stressed out about too much on your list.  Just taking the time to be thankful for all of the wonderful things in your life can help put things in perspective and maybe even help you determine what to take off of the list.

8.  Be the most positive person on your work team.  It is infectious!  It can make work more of a place you are happy to be.  Give lots of compliments.  Smile at everyone.  Take the time to say good morning and always have candy on hand.

7.  Get up 15 minutes early, which I can never do, or stay up 15 minutes late.  But do it with the purpose of completing something significant or spending those few minutes totally engaged with a friend or family member.

6.  Drink lots of coffee.  Seriously, it gets me through the toughest parts of my life.

5.  Determine what you hate doing and pay someone else to do it.  There is nothing worse than having your time be at a premium and needing to spend it cleaning or mowing your lawn – unless you like to do those things.  Maybe even find a neighbor who would be happy to do those things for you if you watched their child for that hour.

4.  Combine two or more activities together.  Meet your best friend at the gym, walk around the soccer field during your daughter’s practice, walk to dinner at a local restaurant.  Can you tell, I have trouble finding time to exercise!  Driving your kids to school can also fit in this category as it is a great time to talk to them while they are in your car.

3.  Determine who you most want to spend time with outside of work and make plans with them.  This could be your children, your spouse &/or your friends.  Things will often pop up at the last minute, and if there is a solid plan, it is easier to determine which takes precedence.

2.  Say no to invitations you don’t want.  For me, it is attending candle parties, jewelry parties, or any other at home sales thing.  Don’t feel guilty.

1.  Love your work!  If you don’t, find something else to do.


3 thoughts on “Top 10 Ways to Find Work/Life Balance

  1. Great ideas here. No 9 resonated with me in particular. I attended a workshop presented by Patricia Cameron-Hill,”You won’t die laughing” many years ago now. She suggested that when someone asks you how you are, you should reply “turbo charged”. I noticed that I, and many of my colleagues would reply,”Not too bad”, so I tried the turbo charged approach – the impact was amazing.

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