Student Privacy

This week’s prompt is about student privacy.  I didn’t read the details before my idea formed, so excuse me for not writing about online privacy with technology tools.  I am thinking like a 12 year old.

Was there nothing worse in middle school than when the teacher snagged a note I was passing to a friend?  Would she read it?  Would she read it out loud?  Would the whole world know the name of my secret crush?  As a teacher, I snagged my share of passed notes.  I would most often whisper to put it away or just ball it up and throw it into the trash.  I would later reflect to try to figure out what I could do to make my lesson for that day more engaging.  I know I typically wrote notes when I was bored in class.

So, rather than a post on student privacy, I guess this is a post on student dignity (please don’t ever read those notes out loud) and the need for engaging lessons!


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